Walking Areas

Don’t Let the Surface Floor You!
Slips and falls cost American businesses a fortune in lost productivity, workers’ compensation insurance, and other expenses. Health care costs alone amount to more than $37 billion each year. With this notorious record, slips and falls have to be considered the number one enemy of work place safety.

Floor Surfaces
Many well-run, conscientious businesses take great pride in their clean, shiny floors. These gleaming surfaces project an aura of cleanliness and order that demonstrates concern about, and pride in, the work environment.

But these same smooth, shiny surfaces turn slick from exposure to contaminants such as water, chemicals, rain, snow, ice, grease, oil, dirt, and powders. When these contaminants combine with a naturally smooth, non-porous surfaces such as steel, concrete – specially coated concrete – diamond plate, or tile, slips and falls are inevitable.

Slips and falls are not accidents, they are the opposite. Slips and falls are the predictable consequence of foot traffic
on smooth, contaminated surfaces.

Aesthetic Concerns

For areas where aesthetics are of concern, the problem of slips and falls still lurks. However, there is now new technology to combat these without minimizing aesthetics and good looks.

These surfaces can include quarry tile, ceramic tile, vinyl floors, marble floors, floors with high-gloss coating, and several other attractive synthetic and natural flooring materials for areas such as hallways, kitchens, entranceways, aisles, bathrooms, locker rooms, breezeways, steps, exit ramps and pool areas.

The new technology is a scientifically formulated clear surface that is rolled over existing floors in a manner similar to painting a wall – It’s that simple! The milky solution dries clear with an aggregate finish. The specially blended polymer aggregate will not scratch underlying surfaces, yet gives the rough texture needed to stop slips and falls when contamination is present. This coating can also be removed when necessary, using a common wax stripper.

American Safety Technology products ensure high safety flooring solutions without compromising on looks.