Military Grade Interior Deck Coating Systems

Polymeric Deck Coatings
AST Manufactures military grade, MIL Spec interior polymeric marine deck coating systems with a variety of ST-100 terrazzo, color flake systems, and underlayments. For over 50 years, AST Military interior marine deck coatings have been applied in many areas on board vessels including galleys, living quarters, wet spaces and can be found on almost every class of Navy vessel at home and abroad.

You can rest assured our marine deck coatings will meet the demands of harsh marine conditions day after day.

Challenging Conditions
Any navy vessel will face challenging conditions at sea. The sea and weather will demand much from not only the exterior but also the interior of the ship. When working under heavy weather conditions, slips and falls are much more of a liabilty. AST polymeric coatings improve the safety for workers on board, making falls and slips far less likely. Our durable solutions last far longer than ordinary paint and ensure worker-safety for years.